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Our Diesel Performance Product Range

ECU-SHOP are one of the world's largest manufacturers of diesel aftermarket tunable ECU's - now available across New Zealand

Diesel power tuning systems for sale

Based in Thailand with over 130 employees, 100% of the hardware design, software development and manufacturing is undertaken in-house giving total control over quality. ECU-SHOP have developed the most powerful 4 cylinder diesels in the world with over 1,050hp and have set world records on Circuit Race Tracks and Drag Strips in Thailand and the USA.

The knowledge gained from these extreme conditions and race applications is applied to our diesel tuning products that are used every day to Increase Power, Increase Torque, Improve Fuel Economy and Increase Throttle Response.

Yes, you can have it all!

Why Choose ECU-SHOP Products

The Best Tunable ECU Solutions

Our piggyback tunable ECU units like the ECU-SHOP Ultraboost enable professional tuners to extract more power, more torque and reduce fuel consumption in turbocharged diesel engines.

Our Piggyback ECUs come with a Plug and Play Loom which means there's no hacking into your precious factory loom, ugly solder joints or tap wires. This also means when it comes time to sell your vehicle, the loom is simply unplugged and the factory loom clipped back in again.

Often it's just a new loom for $395 that is needed to enable you to transfer the Ultraboost to your new Ute or 4x4 vehicle (ask us for clarification if you're selling your Ultraboost-equipped vehicle)