Why Choose ECU-SHOP Diesel Power Tune Products?

The Best Tunable ECU Solutions

Our piggyback tunable ECU's like the Ultraboost enable professional tuners to extract more power and torque while reducing fuel consumption in turbocharged diesel engines.

Our Piggyback ECUs come with a Plug and Play Loom which means there's no hacking into your precious factory loom, ugly solder joints or tap wires. This also means when it comes time to sell your vehicle, the ECU-SHOP loom is simply unplugged and the factory loom clipped back in again.

Often it's just a new loom for $395 that is needed to enable you to transfer the Ultraboost to your new Ute or 4x4 vehicle (ask us for clarification if you're selling your Ultraboost equipped vehicle)

Plug & Play ECU Chips vs ECU-SHOP Ultraboost   

Are you wondering how does a piggyback ECU work compared to a plug and play / standalone ECU?

  • Plug and play chips are usually sold by online retailers and are promoted as a DIY solution in a box or chip for more power and torque
  • They usually just play with two parameters, increased boost and increased rail pressure which is a harsh way of increasing power and is hard on the injectors and commorail pump.
  • The reality is that no two vehicles are the exactly the same, with different engine conditions, vehicle ages, applications, driving styles and driver expectations - so "one size" cannot fit all.
  • They are not usually tunable.
  • The laws of physics prevent a Plug and Play untuned Box or Chip from providing a great solution for all situations and expectations.
  • Ask about their LOCAL after sales technical support before you buy. Caveat emptor.

    ECU-SHOP Ultraboosts are available from our authorised dealers in New Zealand and the Pacific

The ECU-SHOP Ultraboost has many advantages vs Reflashing or Plug & Play ECU Chips

  • The ECU-SHOP Ultraboost tunable ECU is tuned to your vehicle and application - there is no such thing as one size fits all tune, or one tune that is optimised for every vehicle. 
  • The Factory ECU is never opened so the waterproof/dustproof seals are never broken, eliminating potential problems in the future.
  • Factory data in your OEM ECU is never changed or overwritten 
  • It is impossible to "Brick" (render useless) a factory ECU with ECU-SHOP Products, as the factory data is never touched.
  • The Ultraboost has 4 Maps: Factory - Power - Towing - Ai (Ai = Artificial Intelligence which means our Ultraboost learns your driving style and adjusts the tune on the fly to suit.
  • You can toggle between any of these 4 Maps whilst driving in two seconds via a remote controller mounted on your dash or the Mobile app that works with both Android and Apple mobile phones.
  • ECU-SHOP piggyback ECUs can be tuned on the road which saves the cost of a dyno setup and dyno tuning. However, if you would like your vehicle tuned on a dyno, that can be arranged also.
  • We can tune up to 50% more Torque into your vehicle with the factory turbo, fuel pump, intake, intercooler and exhaust depending on engine model, age and condition. 
  • There is a full Digital Dash included in the Mobile app allowing the display of all GPS data, a Boost Gauge and a Common Rail Pressure gauge
  • For advanced users there is a section where the injectors can be tweaked by user on the mobile phone app either across the entire RPM range or every 250 RPM. There are parameter lockouts built in to prevent users from making extreme changes 
  • The Ultraboost comes with an ECU-SHOP Factory Warranty of 3 Years. 
  • ECU-SHOP have a Nationwide dealer network which means there is someone local to discuss your needs and determine which ECU-SHOP product is right for your application.

ECU-SHOP has the best featured range of Throttle Response Controllers

NZ's best featured pedal Throttle Response Controller, the Boost Speed Next V2, is priced at just $395. It comes with a slick and easy to use Mobile App as well as dash mounted controller for those who prefer analogue. With 14 steps of progressively increasing Throttle Response, Ramble Idle, Winch, Anti-Theft, Anti-Slip and ECO modes; nothing else comes close to this 15 minute DIY fit unit.

NZ's usually lowest-priced Throttle Response Controller at $195 is the ECU-SHOP Power Boost. It's manufactured in the same Thailand factory as its big brother the Boost Speed Next, but carries a slimmed down feature list to match its budget price. With the 4 Steps of Throttle Response (Factory-Low-Mid-High) and a 10 minute DIY fit, it's a great solution for those on a tighter budget. Our range of Throttle Controllers provides a solution for all needs and budgets, and naturally as you'd expect of a global leader, they come with a full factory warranty.