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  • ECU-SHOP Monster Gauge

    The ECU-SHOP Monster Gauge plugs into the vehicle OBDII port to monitor various engine functions, reads and deletes basic DTC Diagnostic Trouble Codes; and measures performance like 0-100km/h and 0-400m times .

    $395 NZD

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  • ECU-SHOP Boost & EGT Combo Gauge

    The ECU-SHOP Boost & EGT Combo Gauge comes as a complete kit and allows the monitoring of Boost up to 60 PSI via the digital gauge, and the monitoring of Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) up to 900 degrees celsius via the analogue sweep gaige. The kit comes with all fixtures fittings, weld in bung, temperature probe, loom and gauge dash mount.

    $395 NZD

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  • ECU-SHOP Insights

    ECU-SHOP Insights is a OBD-II Bluetooth adaptor that reads the vehicle DTC's and live data via the Insights app, reads and Clears Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC's), monitors OBD available data, warns for high engine coolant temperature, speed limit exceeded warning, Battery Health monitor checking & more

    $195 NZD

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Transmission Torque Converter Lockups

  • Features

    • 15 minutes DIY Plug & Play installation
    • Complete kit with pre wired & plugged loom 
    • Lockup ON 77km/h & OFF 72 km/h - Factory setting
    • Lockup ON 40km/h & OFF 36km/h - Override button
    • Normal gear shifts 
    • Can activate manual gear select in cruise control
  • Benefits

    • More pleasurable drive
    • Less shifting in cruise (or no shifts at all)
    • Fuel Savings average 8 to 15%
    • Less Engine, Transmission & Brake wear
    • Prolonged Transmission fluid service life
    • Reduced Engine & Transmission temps
    • Easy DIY fit and or removal