Collection: EGR Delete Cables

EGR Delete Cables turn off a working EGR without the need for blanking plates. No impact on the ECU's check engine lights or DTC fault codes and just a 2-minute DIY fit. An EGR delete cable kit is an aftermarket performance part that eliminates the operation of the EGR valve. This prevents hot exhaust gases from being redirected back to the engine air intake. Exhaust gas recirculation effectively reduces engine performance by diluting the fuel/air mix in your combustion chambers at low RPM. Introducing exhaust gas into the intake rather than fresh air reduces efficiency, limiting the amount of power an engine produces in the lower RPM range.

Thus, disabling the EGR system provides several benefits:

  • Improved throttle response, increased torque and greater fuel efficiency.
  • Increased reliability and decreased engine temperatures at low RPM.
  • Prevents carbon particulates from the exhaust system from clogging up the inlet manifold.
  • The full exhaust gas flow now spins the turbo blades, delivering faster spooling up.
  • Vacuum and boost lines remain clean and unobstructed by carbon particles.
  • Engine oil remains cleaner for longer because a lower volume of carbon particles can make their way into the oil system.
  • The engine runs much smoother and delivers more torque at the lower RPM where the EGR is usually functioning.