For those that do not need all the features of the Boost Speed Next V2 Throttle Controller, or have a smaller budget, then the  Power Boost Throttle Response Controller is the perfect solution. Power Boost is a DIY installation in under 10 minutes for a Plug and Play experience. There are 4 levels of user definable throttle response from the OEM Factory (Off) to Low , Medium & High response settings. There's a setting for most people's liking.

Some Throttle Response Controller brands seem to mimic the Briscoes High / Low pricing strategy and feel like they are on sale almost every month creating buyer reluctance unless the brand is on sale as one hates to pay too much. By contrast you'll find our Power Boost Speed pricing very stable giving you peace of mind to buy.

Throttle controllers complement both the tunable ECU units, and EGR Delete Cables to create diesel performance tuning symmetry for your ute or van. More power, improved economy and faster acceleration increases your driving pleasure.

Power Boost Throttle Response Controllers

Power Boost

  • DIY 10 min. installation 
  • Dash Mounted Controller
  • 4 Levels of response
  • Factory Warranty 1 year 
    $195 inc GST

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