ECU CHIps and tuning



A piggyback ECU Chip is tuned which in turn sends data to the Factory ECU in real time providing performance increases. This is the system that ECU-SHOP uses.

- Piggyback ECUs usually come with a Plug and Play Loom - in some cases a wire in. 

- Once installed, the tuner makes modifications to the Piggyback ECU in real time on the road or dyno.

There are numerous advantages to the ECU-SHOP system over the other systems explained in points 2 and 3.

- ECU-SHOP ECUs are tuned to your vehicle and application - there is no such thing as one size fits all tune, or one tune that is optimised for every vehicle. 

- The Factory ECU is never opened so the waterproof/dustproof seals are never broken, eliminating potential problems in the future.

- Factory data in your OEM ECU is never changed or overwritten

It is impossible to "Brick" (render useless) a factory ECU with ECU SHOP Products, as the factory data is never touched. 

- ECU-SHOP enable at least 3 Maps (up to 5) including - Power - Towing - Economy - Custom-Factory 

- You can toggle between any of the Maps including factory settings in seconds, on the go, via a remote controller mounted on your dash.

- ECU-SHOP piggyback ECUs can be tuned on the road which saves the cost of a dyno setup and dyno tuning. However, if you would like your vehicle tuned on a dyno, that can be arranged also.

- We can tune up to 85% more Torque into your vehicle depending on engine model, age, condition and ECU SHOP product chosen.

- When it comes time to sell your vehicle, your ECU-SHOP products can be removed and potentially used again on your next vehicle with just the addition of a new loom (assuming you are changing brands of the vehicle) 

- All ECU- SHOP ECUs come with a Factory Warranty of up to 5 Years. 

- ECU-SHOP have a Nationwide dealer network - someone local to discuss your needs and determine which ECU-SHOP product is right for your application.


This process has the local tuner overwriting factory data with their own version of what's better. 

- On some vehicles, the Factory ECU has to be physically removed from the vehicle and prised open which breaks the watertight/ dustproof seal. The tuner then inserts probes onto the factory ECU to allow them to transfer data from their PC via an interface box into the ECU Chip memory. Parts of the factory data is then erased and replaced by data which the tuner deems to be better than the factory programmers. 

- On some vehicles, the tuner modified data is transferred to the Factory ECU via the OBDII port thereby overwriting the Factory data.

There are several disadvantages with this type of tuning vs an ECU-SHOP ECU..

- There is only 1 Map. You cannot have Power - Towing - Economy & Factory Maps, so by definition, a Re-Flash has to be a compromised tune. 

- You cannot toggle between different maps on the go.

- You cannot switch back to the factory tune if someone else is driving your vehicle. 

- When an OEM workshop does a factory software upgrade at servicing time, the Re-Flashed tune is overwritten and the money paid for it is gone.

- When tuning via the reflashing method, it is not in real time. This usually means more dyno runs and time are needed to get the tune to a compromised state. For example; when tuning on a dyno, a power run is performed, the data is then noted, changes are made and new data is sent to overwrite the Factory ECU data; the dyno is run again, they see the data, overwrite the now no longer factory data on the ECU etc;  until the desired compromised tune level is reached. 

- At the point you come to sell your vehicle, the tune goes with the vehicle. Maybe the new buyer would like the fact that the vehicle has been re-flashed, and maybe it is a deterrent. Either way though, the money you spent on the re-flash is going with the vehicle. 


These are usually sold by online retailers and are promoted as a DIY solution in a box or chip for more power and less fuel. 

- The reality is that no two vehicles are the exactly the same, with different engine conditions, vehicle ages, applications, driving styles and driver expectations - so "one size" cannot fit all.  

- They are not usually tunable. 

- The laws of physics prevent a Plug and Play untuned Box or Chip from providing a great solution for all situations and expectations.  

- Ask about LOCAL after sales technical support before you buy. Caveat emptor.